I feel so grounded when I talk to you, like I was not crazy.

Violeta Maidi

Pawel has the unique ability to transform conventional thinking into an opportunity for creativity. So often the bottle neck to our own realization is hampered by not using the full range of our intellectual, aesthetic and intuitive powers. Pawel seems to have the key to a wonderful magical doorway between everyday world of objects, analysis, logic, isolation and a more mysterious world where art, science, language and friendship evolve together in surprising ways. He is uniquely qualified to help with personal transformation. At bottom he is a kind, encouraging person, to which I give my heartfelt recommendation for counseling and mentoring.

Jeffrey Harrison

Pawel is one of the best sounding boards I have had the pleasure to encounter.I know I am safe sharing the darkness of my soul with no fear of judgement. He listens, narrowing his focus in on the individual, and has met me where I am. Straight forward and honest with his educated, out of the box thinking. He calls me on my bullshit and helps me see past the veils I have in my own mind.It is a cerebral experience, meeting with Pawel, and not for the faint of heart. But if you are brave... you may find some of the answers you seek.

Kimberly Ruffner

Besides being a true friend of mine, I consider Pawel to be one creative thinker. An artist in essence, calling humanity to embrace the truthfulness of art, merging it with reality, and assigning a serious value to it, instead of considering it a useless product of human imagination that we taste whenever we get disengaged of responsibilities. Not everyone can understand that paradigm but I think if you got it, your life would change 180 degrees (π).

Ali Shawky