I am offering off the beaten path assistance to intellectual inquirers, or guidance to spiritual explorers, who ― ultimately ― find no need for a school of thought or faith.

Do you want to know and are you able to understand?

Insight Institute is an original cultural and educational initiative that implements cognitive (in the broadest sense) and mobilizing (in a deeply human sense) service, while setting a promotional goal in the form of personal creativity and a non-commercial one as a niche venture.

The tools used in it are developed concepts and means of expression for artistic and personal experience in a disciplined intellectual order, which are adapted to the needs of an adult recipient during individual meetings.

Responsibility for the result of contact, the intention of which is brevity and directness, and as such does not claim to interfere in private matters, rests within the conscious reader and their sense of self-interest.

Paweł Rewucki