Principle of Ethics

Go with a simple song, unbind yourself
Making sure to hide your giddy surface

Peter Gizzi

Empathy, as commonly expressed, does not belong to the mindset of the so-called spiritually developed individuals ― understanding does.

The transgression of human nature ― in the statistical and normative sense  ― is the cause and effect of the abandonment of egocentric attitude, and compassion requires sharing the point of view on the state of one’s affairs.

No need for self-reference cancels the basic existential and cognitive bias, and transforms personal perception into a kind of transpersonal penetration, in accordance with the method of self-liberation.

The mentor’s line of such a person would be ‘I am not leaning over you, I am standing next to you’, which means the ball’s in your court, relying on your understanding of the rules of the game  ―  at best, it is you who sets them and has no doubt about it.

Let us be
appendages to evolution


Peter Gizzi